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Will square eyeglasses suit my round face?

I have a round face and I want to get a pair of eyeglasses that suit my face shape. I am considering the square eyeglasses. Will they suit my face shape?
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  • Holly


    Yes. Round faces have no angles and they have the same proportion in both width and length. So people with round faces should choose eyeglasses frames that can make their faces look thinner and longer. Angular frames, like rectangular, square eyeglasses frames will fit your face shape well. So you can select square eyeglasses for your round face.
  • Barry


    Yes. Round faces are not suitable for round glasses frames, otherwise they will make your face look even shorter. The best eyeglasses frame for a round face should be an angular and narrow shape. Square eyeglasses will be a good choice for a round face shape. Just go ahead to choose the square eyeglasses which will suit you fine.
  • emily_109


    Sure. Square eyeglasses can fit your round face well becasue they aren't deep and can make your face appear longer. Moreover, a clear bridge will widen your eyes make your eyes stand out. I also wear square eyeglasses which suit my round face very fine.

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