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Kaylee peters


How do I know if my eyes are infected?

Recently my eyes are so itchy that I have to rub them frequently. Is it possible that they are infected?
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  • Gregory A Meetze


    When your eyes are infected, the main symptom is having itchy eyes. It is also accompanied by redness of the eye, and a feeling of having something in your eye, like a grain of sand, or a hair. If you have these symptoms, you are having eye infection. It is better to get prescribe eye drops from your doctor.
  • Melissa duncan


    Eye infections can lead to redness, pain, discharge, watering and light sensitivity. Unlike allergies, which can cause both eyes to become itchy or watery, eye infections generally affect only one eye.
  • b1eedingthrough


    If you feel there is something stuck in your eye or you get red, swollen, and watery eye, you may have got an eye infection. Itchy eyes may also be caused by eye infection. So you'd better go to see an eye doctor to have a careful check and see whether you have got an eye infection.

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