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Alexia gerard


Does the color of your eyes affect your eyesight?

I just want to know if the color of eyes affect eyesight? Or people with different eye color can see things in the same way?
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  • emptyheading


    Not, the answer is negative. People with different color of eyes see things exactly the same on condition that there are no other eye illnesses. The eye color has nothing to do with your vision. No matter you have blue, green, brown, gray, or violet eyes, you have same eyesight. You see things exactly the same as someone esle who has different eye color see.
  • craziblondi36


    People with different eye color will see things in the same way. The color of eyes is determined by the genetic genes. When there is something different in your eye color, you need to pay attention to your health of the eyes. For example, if your eyes get yellow, you may have the problem in the liver which will make you see thing in blurry state.
  • Gillian


    Well, eye color can not affect the eye sight. So you do not need to worry about it. And as we know that everyone is born with certain eye color. And it can be black, blue gray, and so on. But there is no evidence which has shown that eye color will affect eye sight. And generally speaking, for eye sight, retinal detachment can just affect it, leading to vision loss. Also, eye strain can just lead to near-sighted. So just be careful about it. Of course, people with different eye color can still look objects in the same color.