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Can fatigue cause eye floaters?

What causes eye floaters? Does fatigue causes it? It is really boring!
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  • Faith cook


    Eye floaters refers to the black spots present on peoples' eyeballs and that people feel the spots fly here and there like mosquitoes when they rotate their eyes. In more usual conditions, people with eye floaters will easily see these dark spots when they are in the bright background of blue skies and white walls. There are several causes of eye floaters, such as people whose age are over forty, who are highly near-sighted, and who have taken cataract surgery. Besides, people who have inflammation inside their eyes or vasculopathy in their retina can also have eye floaters. Fatigue as well lead to eye floaters. Eye floaters is temporarily not harmful to eyes, but you should take good rest and pay attention to personal eye hygiene, and keep in good mood. If the condition is serious, you should go to the doctors' for an eye examination and medical help. Besides, to reduce eye floaters, you should have adequate vitamins especially vitamin E which is good for eyes. Therefore, eat more carrots, eggs, animal livers, mushrooms, fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not drink too much alclhol or coffee, and do not smoke. In addition, develop a good habit of doing eye exercises regularly and use some eye drops if it is must.
  • Bob Witek


    Eye floaters can be caused by eye disease, eye injury, retinal detachment, viteous hemorrhage, eye fatigue and so on. Most of the people can live with eye floaters and ignore them, while, serious eye flaters can be annoying and cause some other problems. See an eye doctor if the eye floaters affect your vision.
  • bell


    Well, yes, fatigue can just lead to eye floaters. And eye floaters are small moving spots that appear in your field of vision. In most cases, eye floaters will be especially noticeable, and they can be annoying. Of course, they generally don't interfere with your sight. But you also need know what cause them. Generally speaking, there are many reasons which can just cause eye floaters, such as fatigue, or some eye surgery, eye injury. And when eye floaters occur, some other symptoms will accompany with them too. For example, black or gray dots can just be possible. And when you feel tired, it will just affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems, such as eye floaters. Anyway, just be careful about them.

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