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Does hepatitis affect your eyesight?

What are the side effects of hepatitis? Is it possible to cause eye problems? Will it make my eyesight poorer?
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  • Ern


    There many side effects of hepatitis, for example, it can lead to depression, dark urine, dry skin and gray, yellow, white or light colored stools etc. Other side effects, like indigestion and inflammation in the joints can appeared too. By the way, hepatitis can cause eye problems, such as blurred visions and dry eyes. If your eyesight become poorer, you'd better go to see a doctor to look into your eyes and see if there are any problems.
  • Ariana


    The symptoms of hepatitis include low fever, low appetite,nausea, extreme tiredness,vomiting, pain in the liver,a dark colored urine, pain in muscles, itching and jaundice. How hepatitis affect your vision? When lesions occurs in a man's liver, the vitamin A stored in the liver decrease obviously. Meanwhile, the ill liver secretes less bile, making it harder for the liver to absorb fat sobluble vitamin like vitamin A. As a result, a lack of vitamin A worsens. The vision of a person is produced by two sensory cells in cornea. There exists a kind of substance sensing weak light called "rhodopsin". It is combination of protein and vitamin A. When there is a lack of vitamin A, less rhodosin can be produced. Thus, the person's eyesight will be affected. If the hepatitis patient watch TV too much, his eyes overwork and abuse too much rhodopsin. It results in a worse vision. If this situation last long, the patient may develop dry eyes sydrome and night blindness.
  • edjuice


    Hepatitis can cause kidney failure, and also can lead the disorders of organ of our body, then cause impaired vision at night, and also can cause yellow color eyes. And it's been found that hepatitis can cause eyesight problems, such as blurred vision and dry eyes. And hepatitis C can cause more eye disorders problems than hepatitis A and B.
  • Elijah leslie


    It is a common sense that people' s eye problem may be indicating an unhealthy liver. Many doctors have said that hepatitis can lead to some symptoms such as blurry vision, shorted-sightedness and dry eyes. What is worse, excess liver heat can make your eyes painful, bloodshot and burning. You know, people whose liver is not healthy usually don' t have obvious uncomfortable symptoms. At the same time, their eyes can be a good indication. Almost half of the people who suffer from hepatitis have some eye problems, such as dryness in their eyes. Try to take my recommendations and you will live a happy and healthy life. Have enough raw vegetables every day. Give up smoking, drinking, eating too sweet food and junk food. Drink green tea often. And take some supplements you need every day, you had better take in those vitamins from vegetables and fruit.