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Can i have laser eye surgery if i am diabetic ?

I am a diabetic, But also, i have very poor eyesight. I plan to take an lasik eye surgery. Can i do that?
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  • walker


    Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more popular because people could take off their glasses or contact lenses. However, not everyone can take the lasik eye surgery. People with certain disease or in particular condition can't take it. As for diabetic, it depends on the specific condition. If you have no diabetic retinopathy and your blood sugars are well controlled, you will be suitable for the surgery.If your diabetes is not well controlled,you'd better give up. The only way you will know for certain is by seeking a consultation.
  • Olavi


    It depends. The follow information may help you decide if you can have it or not. 1.Your biabetic has affected your retinopathy. To be simple, you have diabetic retinopathy. In this case, even if they do, it won't work. 2.Diabetic patients have slower healing process than normal people, so some doctors may suggest you have Intrastate which takes less time to recovery. 3.Diabetics have variable blood sugar, so doctors may require you to control your blood sugar before you have laser surgery. Variable blood sugar may result in a less accurate measurement of your prescription for your laser surgery. 4. Diabetes can also affect the production of tears, which help combat infection.
  • Kristy


    You'd better not take the lasik eye surgery even if you want to improve the very poor eyesight. You have the diabetic which is not suitable to accept the lasik eye surgery. You'd better wear the eyeglasses to help you get the right vision to see things clearly. In addition, you'd better not wear the contact lenses which will make your eyes get infection easily.
  • Rebecca


    Absolutely Not. Those who are pregnant, have diabetes, keratoconus and some other rare conditions may be prohibited, but for most people the choice is theirs.
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