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Can i have laser eye surgery if i am pregnant?

I want to cure my poor eyes with laser eye surgery. But now, i am pregnant. Is it OK to take the surgery right now? Or shall take surgery after delivery?
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    Of course you can't take laser eye surgery if you are pregnant. As we all know, laser eye surgery an effective way to correct our eyesight, but not everyone can take laser eye surgery. The one who are pregnant,with low blood pressure, and under 20 years old mustn't take the surgery. Besides, collagen or vascular disease and active ocular disease also can't take the surgery. After delivery, you can go to the doctor to check if it is proper for you to take the surgery.
  • Andrew


    No, you had better not. There are some risks for you if you have the surgery during pregnancy. 1.The first 3 months is the crucial phase in fetal development. The embryo is not stable yet. There are a great variety of changes. 2.Even when your baby is over 6 month, you are not suggested to have this surgery. Because you will be asked to drip eye drops which contains hormone. No one knows if the hormone in that eye drop will do harm to your baby. To consider for your baby, you had better not take the surgery when you are pregnant or even when you are breast-feeding your baby.
  • chicomm


    It is not OK for you to take the laser eye surgery if you get pregnant. When you get pregnant, your eyes pressure is not stable. You may have the dry symptom in the eyes. Your eyes are not suitable to accept the lasik eye surgery. After your delivery, you could take the surgery to get the right vision.
  • Zoe Wang


    Of course, you can not. Those who are pregnant, have diabetes, keratoconus and some other rare conditions may be prohibited, but for most people the choice is theirs.
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