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Catherine lewis


Can fatigue cause bloodshot eyes?

What will happen to eyes when i get fatigue? Is it possible to lead bloodshot eyes?
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  • clozco


    Well, yes, it is very bad for your body to feel fatigue. And generally speaking, according to some researches, when you feel fatigue, it will mean the unbalance in your body, leading to high pressure in eyes too. In that way, some eye problems may occur. For example, bloodshot eyes which are related with high eye pressure can be possible. Also, redness in your eyes and sore eyes are common symptoms too. Anyway, you need to have a rest and do not weaken your body.
  • Austin


    Yes, if you have been working for too long without rest, you will be very fatigue and get bloodshot eyes. Bloodshot eyes refers to that the white part of eyes become red. This is because that when the eyes have been overused and cannot get enough rest, the blood vessels in the organisation of bulbar conjunctivitis and sclera expand and get congestion or extravasated blood and begin to bleed when the condition is serious. To avoid getting bloodshot eyes, you should develop healthy babits in using your eyes. Firstly, you should allow your eyes to have adequate rest, for example, take a break when you have been read or work for an hour. Secondly, usually do some eye exercises to relax the muscles around your eyes. Thirdly, if you feel your eyes become dry and fatigue after work, try using some eye drops to moisten your eyes. Last but not least, eat more foods that are rich in vitamins A which are good for your eyes.
  • harris


    Eye fatigue can cause eyes feel tired, itching, burning and even cause bloodshot eyes. While, eye fatigue is not a serious problem because it can be cured by its own and you can take precautions at home. But, if your eye fatigue persists for a long period of time, see a doctor because it also can be caused by some disease.