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Dawn C.


Can mono cause pink eye ?

Can mono affect our eyes? Is it possible to cause pink eyes? How do you think about it?
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  • Eliza


    General speaking, mono records may not affect human beings' eyes. And there iis very little possible that mono could cause pink eyes. Pink eye is actually called "epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis", which is a kind of epidemic and drastic acute conjunctivitis, usually happening in summer and autumn. People who got pink eyes will have their eyes red, and feel eyes itchy, increase of secreta, tears flowing and so on. There are several reasons for pink eyes. First of all, it may be infection of mocroorganism such as bacteria, virus, or chlamydia. Another reason is the physical stimulus such as sands, smoke, dust, or ultraviolet light. Chemicals such as clinical medicine, acid-base and poisonous gas can also cause pink eyes. To avoid pink eyes, you should pay attention to personal eye hygiene, and allow your eyes to have enough rest. People who have got pink eyes should go to the doctor's for an eye examination and medical help, such as using acyclovir or tobramycin eye drops.
  • colors8282


    Mono does not cause pink eye. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is usually caused by viral infection, bacterial infections, allergies, irritants and dryness. Adenoviruses and herpes simplex viruses are the common causes of viral conjunctivitis. Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is commonly caused by Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae while Staphylococcus aureus, Moraxella lacunata and gram negative enteric flora are the causes of chronic bacterial conjunctivitis. So mono (Mononucleosis) is not included in the causes of pink eye. The common symptoms of mono is as followings: Sore throat, nodes in the neck, yellow skin and eyes, abdominal pain, stomachache, headache, chest pain, skin rashes, fever and chills, nausea, coughing, malaise, lack in appetite and energy as well as aching muscle.
  • Stacy


    Yes, mono can affect your eyes which will be possible to cause your pink eyes. As one of the largest white blood cells volume deviation, mono's nucleus is often shown pleomorphism, avoiding horseshoe kidney shape is irregular shape. It is often in fold sense. Chromatin is loose mesh. In addition, the color is more pale cytoplasm and basophilic. Containing a large number of small particles which is addicted to the azure, it can be dyed gray blue. It is with peroxidase blood smea. Your eyes will get red and dry easily which you need to pay attention to. You should have the good rest for the eyes, having the good habit of hygiene and keep the good diet.

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