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Alexander green


Is Ortho-k lens Better Than LASIK surgery?

I have heard that there are Ortho-k lenses that can also correct your vision. You just need to wear them at night. Is it better than lasik surgery? Will I have stable vision when not wearing them?
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  • Andrea


    I think it is. There are several advantages of Ortho-k lenses over lasik surgery. There is not any surgery risk or complication and it is much safer than lasik surgery. It helps people who is under age to get lasik surgery to improve their vision. It costs less than lasik surgery. For those who are afraid of surgery, Ortho-k lenses are best choice.
  • Caleb murphy


    Ortho-k lenses are not always better than lasik surgery for some people. Ortho-k lenses are only effective for people with low prescription (lower than -5.00 of myopia and 150 astigmatism). Once you stop wear them, your vision would decrease. But once you get lasik surgery, you can have good vision in the future.
  • en_liten_glimt


    Yes. Like any surgery, lasik surgery may have risks and can cause complications. While Ortho-k lens is safe and entirely reversible. Those who are too young to have lasik surgery can be treated by ortho-k lens.