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Vanessa eddy


Would I be considered a nerd if I wore reading glasses?

I am 14 and I have been looking at over the counter reading glasses (obviously to wear when I read) and I was just wondering if I would look stupid wearing reading glasses and pulling then out in school every time I have to read something. Okay here's my second question, if I do get the glasses what would be the best way for me to take then from class to class, just put them in a glasses case and stick it in my pencil pouch? Thanks!
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  • 04/14/2012

    No. That wouldn't make you a nerd because reading glasses also have many nice styles which may make you look smarter. I suggest you put it in a glasses case to avoid being scratched and deformation.
  • April


    Wearing glasses won't make you look nerd. But are you sure you worn reading glasses? reading glasses are usually mean eyeglasses made for people with presbyopia. And presbyopia often occurs to people over 40 years. Besides, eyeglasses now become diverse that there are cute and nice glasses. So, you can choose the best looking glasses that match your outfit and ages.