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How to prevent hyperopia in children?

I don't want my child to get hyperopia in the future. Is there any way he can do to prevent hyperopia?
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  • Calvin


    First, children should eat food rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Second, they should drink enough water to prevent dry eye. Third, when they go outside, they should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes being damaged by UV rays. Finally, they should have an eye exam regularly.
  • Zoe


    Children can prevent hyperopia by moving eyes. Moving eyes can reduce the eye fatigue and make eye muscles strengthened because most refractive error including hyperopia are caused by eye fatigue. What's more, during the exercises, children don’t have to touch their eyes with their hands. Thus, there is less chance to get eye disease during eye exercises.
  • Ana


    Hyperopia cannot be prevented because it is usually present at birth. However, you can prevent it getting worse by resting your eyes. When your eyes are overworked, you should blink often. Try to move your eyes as much as possible when they are tired.
  • Eric quick


    A small percentage of children would develop hyperopia and most of them can suffer myopia. Hyperopia is usually present at birth and can also caused by drugs, trauma, and surgery. To prevent hyperopia, just keep healthy diet and take eye exam regularly.