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How does alcohol affect my driving vision?

I just came across an accident. I am badly injured. But I still don't know how alcohol affect my vision when I am driving? Can you tell me?
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  • Striker


    I think when we take excessive alcohol, we may suffer from blurry vision and dizziness. Drinking too much alcohol will impair the function of our brain and weaken our eye muscle coordination, and further lead to double vision or blurred vision. If we are driving after taking too much alcohol, we can't see well and control the car. So it is easy to make an accident. So don't drive after drinking. And the law will punish those who drive after drinking too.
  • griffin


    Drinking too much alcohol can develop optic neuropathy. You might suffer from reduced color vision, decreased peripheral vision or a painless loss of vision. When you are driving on the road after taking too much alcohol, you may mistake the signs of traffic light. You may hit the passersby. Or you are slow to make any reactions to the emergency events around you, and this will definitely lead to an accident. Driving after drinking is dangerous. Law will punish those who don't obey the rules. Besides, you life as well as the life of other people are at higher risk. Hope you will understand this and do not drive after drinking anymore.
  • Angela green


    The drunker can hardly control the movements of their body. And they can hardly judge the distance correctly because the alcohol acts upon their brain and eyes. If a person can't control himself, how can you hope him to control the movement of a car? I hate the guys who drive after drinking. They are selfish. They don't value their own life and they also don't take responsibility of other people's life too. The law should punish them seriously.
  • Rebecca


    Alcohol blunts alertness and reduces motor co-ordination. People who drive after using alcohol can%u2019t react as quickly when they need to. Their vision is affected, and may be blurred or doubled. Alcohol alters depth perception, making it hard to tell whether other vehicles, pedestrians or objects are close or far away. And because alcohol affects judgment, people who drive after drinking may feel overconfident and not recognize that their driving skills are reduced. Their driving is more likely to be careless or reckless%u2014weaving, speeding, driving off the road and, too often, crashing.
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