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Makayla raphael


Does wearing glasses more often slow the progression of presbyopia?

I am 37 and my eye doctor told me I am on the verge of needing bifocals. I have +1.00 in the left eye and +1.25 in the right with a slight astigmatism. I wonder as my accommodation to focus is decreasing with age, can wearing glasses more often slow the progression of presbyopia?
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  • crazy_durr


    No, wearing glasses more or less has nothing to do with the progression of presbyopia. Presbyopia happens as a result of the lens becoming less elastic with ageing.
  • Kelly eddy


    No. wearing glasses can't slow down the progression of presbyopia. it can only help you see properly. Presbyopia is due to an age-related loss of elasticity in the lens of the eye. So wearing glasses is helpless.
  • Dylan duncan


    Wearing glasses more often won't slow the progression of presbyopia. Glasses just give you full prescription so that you can see as clearly as people with normal vision. While presbyopia is caused by the unflexible of the lens with age. So wearing your glasses won't affect this process.

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