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Can thick framed eyeglasses mess up your peripheral vision?

I've been wearing contacts for many years. But now I have an astigmatism and the lenses would shift in my eyes sometimes which cause blurry vision. Now I am deciding to get some thick framed eyeglasses for driving. But I wonder if it will interfere with my peripheral vision when driving?
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  • Caroline


    I have always been driving with my glasses and I don't think my peripheral vision is somehow interfered. I can still see clearly on the road. If you don't like to wear glasses, you should have the contact lenses refitted to prevent the lens movement.
  • Sara nelson


    No. Thick framed glasses won't interfere with your peripheral vision. I've seen many drivers with thick framed glasses on driving safely on the road. So don't worry about it. You can still get it if you need.

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