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What are the causes for eye twitching?

Recently I found my eyes twitch a lot, can it be caused by too much stress?
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  • Alexia gerard


    Eye twitching is often caused by the fatigue, stress, and caffeine. If you don't get enough sleep, your eye muscles will get tired and then cause the muscle in the eyelid twetching. Simetimes the eye twitching can be caused by the irritation of your the surface of the eye (cornea).
  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    Fatigue, stress, and caffeine are the most common reasons to cause eye twitching. In such case, the eyelid may repeatedly close and re-open. It may come and go for a few days and finally disappear by itself. The more severe situation is the eyelid completely closes. It may caused by irritation of the surface of the eye.
  • Mariah ja


    Stress and fatigue are main and common reason for an eyelid twitching. However, medical conditions such as Bell's Palsy and certain drugs, medications, and toxins can also cause eyelid twitching.