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Why does my vision get worse without glasses?

I have -0.5 in my right eye and have been wearing glasses for several days. But now I found my vision is worse than I used to without glasses. Does this mean wearing glasses make my vision worse?
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  • Tyler


    It is normal to have worse vision without glasses because your eyes get used to see clearly when you are wearing your glasses. When you remove the glasses, your eyes need to adjust again to find the focus without the glasses' help. So your vision seems to be worse than wearing glasses.
  • catherinecraven


    It is quite normal. I can hardly see when I take off my glasses. Even you have slight prescription, as long as you get used to wearing glasses, your eyes become more dependent on them.
  • cazzeh


    Wearing glasses won't make your vision worse. It is because you often overuse your eyes which make your eyes too tired. The excessive eye fatigue is the main reason that cause the vision become worse. So you should relax your eyes as often as possible even if you wear glasses.