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What color eyes will my baby have if i have hazel eyes?

I have hazel eyes. And my husband have brown eyes. I just wonder what color of eyes will my baby have? Do you have any idea?
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  • Isabel


    Dear friend, hazel eyes is determined by a recessive gene. So definitely you have two pair of hazel eye genes. But your husband may have two pair of brown eye genes. If you are under such circumstances, you may have a brown eyed baby. If your husband has one brown eye gene and another blue (or other eye color gene), you may have a half chance to get a brown eyed baby.
  • chokeyourthroat


    Brown eye gene is recessive gene. Hazel eye gene is dominant gene. And we know that Genes come in pairs. If there is only one dominant gene, the color of our eye will be determined by this gene. There are many possibilities. So you'd better know something about current genetic theories and then predict which kind of eye color your baby may have. Or you can ask professional doctors for detailed information.

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