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Why does my anti-glare glasses stop to work?

I just had my anti-glare glasses for only 3 weeks. They work well until I use the spray which was given by where I bought the glasses and claimed to be safe for any coating. Now I can see the reflection again. Is it the spray that cause the problem?
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  • duncan


    Yes.Your anti-glare coating may be marred by the spray. You should take your glasses back and tell them that you were only following instructions given by them and now there is something wrong with the anti-glare coating. I believe they will replace them for you.
  • Erin rupert


    It may be the cloth you use to rub lenses that causes the problem. Usually the cloth need to be special for glasses cleaning. Ordinary cloth will have dirt,debris,or dust and can scratch the lens easily. If the glasses have a warranty, you can take them back and ask for a replacement.