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Are anti -glare and anti-scratch coating a waste of money?

i just paid extra $30 for anti -glare and anti-scratch coating on my glasses,but then someone told me they are just a waste of money and can get scratched easily.Is that true?
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  • etherealfreak


    All the choice for your lenses should be abide by your usage of your eyeglasses. If you are careful enough and you don't need to wear glasses for very long time, it is not that necessary to choose lenses with anti-scratch coating. If you don't usually work under glare or strong light or you don't usually drive at night or work in front of computer, you don't need to choose lenses with anti-glare coating. You can decide whether the money is worthy or not.
  • evilbethygirl


    If you do need glasses with anti-scratch or anti-glare coating, then you can choose the good coatings which are hard to peel away. The anti-glare or anti-scratch coating will benefits you in many aspects. So it won't be a waste of money if you have got good coatings. I think the coating that you have paid is a good one. It won't be scratched easily, so don't worry.
  • edjuice


    I think $30 is a little expensive.I get my anti-glare and anti-scratch coating for only $10.They are really good.