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Can I use eye drops when I am pregnant?

Would it have an effect on my baby?
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  • Caroline hill


    Be careful of any medication during pregnancy. Most of the medication are made of chemical things, even if they can ease your trouble such as red eyes, itching eyes or other eye diseases, they may also cause other effect to your body. You'd better go to check and ask for your obstetrician for suggestions or let them to prescribe medicine/eye drops for you.
  • Fari Tackaberry


    It depends on whether the eyedrops contain medications. If they have any kind of medications, then you should check with your doctor to see whether you can use them during pregnant. If they are only used to wet your eye, then they are safe to use during your pregnant.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    I think it should not matter a not as the eye drops are for external use.But it is better to ask your doctor.
  • eddy


    If the eye drops are only used for re-wetting and lubricating,it is safe to use.But you should be careful with antihistamine eye drops for allergies.