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What style of purple glasses are fashionable for men?

I just visited a store, and saw some purple glasses. What style of purple glasses are fashionable for men now?
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  • Brandon evelyn


    Just try on and test it out yourself. Justin Beibers have worn a pair of rectangular purple eyeglasses, it is look cool and handsome on him. As for what kind of purple fashionable glasses suit for you, you need think about your face shape, skin color, clothes style and personalities. Among those factors, your face shape are very important, The general rule is choose glasses frames that contrast to your face shape. And there is an exception, if you have oval faces, any style of purple eyeglasses frames may match for you.
  • Mya baker


    purple glasses become fashionable for men nowadays. What kind of purple eyeglasses suit you depending on your personalities and your face shape. Most men prefer wearing purple eye glasses with rectange frames. However, you should choose the style of purple eyeglasses according to your own face shape. Make sure the glasses you choose can flatter your face. If you have a round face, purple glasses with angular frames can match you well, such as square purple eyeglasses or rectange purple eye glasses. The best way is to try them on and see whether the style is suitable for you or not.

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