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Can I wear glasses that are too weak for my eye sight?

Is it as bad as wearing glasses that are too strong for my eye sight?
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  • walkinginstars


    I have heard that it is better to wear glasses a little lower than your prescription degree,but too weak for your eye sight obviously will not do good to your eyes.
  • Trinity hill


    I think you'd better wear glasses that are specific to your prescription, neither weaker nor stronger. But I've heared that some of the optician let patients to wear weaker prescription glasses to make their eyes health again, I don't know if it is possible. You can check this at your eye doctor.
  • b3autiful___


    The prescription of your glasses which is either too weak or too strong won't meet your eyesight. If it is too weak, you might see objects clearly. If it is too strong, you may get headache and feel dizzy. Both will make your eyesight get worse. So you should get the right prescription of your glasses.
  • Dylan


    If the glasses are too weak,your eyes can get tired easily and your vision will get worse more quickly.If the glasses are too strong,you will suffer headache and dizziness.