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Can double vision be permanent ?

In recent day, i often get double vision. Why? Can i cure it? Or it will always trouble me?
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    I am very sorry to hear that you often suffered double vision in recent days. In general, double vision can indicate problems of any part of the vision system. If your cornea gets infected you may suffer double vision. Problems of cataracts can also be causes of double vision. And if muscles in the eye are weak, they will cause your vision doubled. Damage to the brain and nerves are also leading causes of double vision. Double vision sometimes can disappear in a few days and don't need special treatment. But of you have suffered double vision for quite a long time, you should take them seriously. You should be aware of the very cause of your double vision. Go to an eye doctor and he surely can give you some helpful advices after having your eyes examined.
  • cherrytop7


    Well, it is really not so good. Double vision makes you always see something unclear. The beautiful colors and wonderful items are not so clear in eyes. Sometimes even people will treat you as mad because they never see double images in a single image. Our vision is controlled by the orchestration of multiple areas of the vision system. If this system begin to disorder, then some visual problems may occur at the same time. But double vision is not permanent. It can be cured by surgery and medicines. Wearing eye glasses, especially reading glasses are also good to adjust double vision.