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Can I wear contact lenses for astigmatism if I don't have astigmatism?

My sister have contacts for astigmatism and we have the same prescription except the astigmatism.I am wondering if it is ok to wear her contacts for astigmatism.
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  • walkietalkie131


    It is not advisable, even if you have the same SPH power but the contact lenses for astigmatism is made curved according to the power of her astigmatism at her axis, then you may feel unconfortable or even make your eyesight worse. Furthermore, wearing contact lenses of others may easily be infected with eye diseases.
  • b3mine_x3


    No. You can't wear your sister's contacts even if she have no astigmatism. Contact lenses are prescribed with a strength that only fit to one person. So wearing other people's contacts can worsen eyesight and give you headache because they have different prescription from your own.
  • candylips167


    It is not suggested to wear other's contacts even you have the same prescription.Also you will not feel comfortable if you wear contact lenses for astigmatism and give you headaches.


    Of course you can't.The contact lens for astigmatism is different from others,you will feel uncomfortable wearing them.
  • Geraldo Yewen


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