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Can playing video games improve eyesight?

I have heard that playing video games can improve eye sight. Is that true?
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  • erickie6


    In most cases, Playing video games can not improve eyesight, but hurt your eyesight since you have to strain your eyes to focus on a screen. The anti reflective light from the video are harmful to eyes. Besides, most people especially for children are likely to addicted to the games and cause eye tired. So, i don't think playing video games is a good way to improve eyesight.
  • evrydyisystrdy


    Yes. It is said that playing video games can help improve eyesight. When playing video games, you need to respond quickly to events happening all around the screen so that you can track objects moving in different directions. In this way, your eye muscles get strengthened, thus it can help improve eyesight. Besides, playing video games can improve contrast sensitivity and the brain can be trained to make better use of information that come in. So this game is very beneficial for people who have lazy eyes and those who have trouble driving at night.