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Alexandria giles


What is the best sunglasses for photophobia?

I have issues with photophobia which is extreme sensitivity to light. i am looking for a pair of sunglasses that are great for people with photophobia.
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  • anderson


    Sunglasses for people who have photophobia should block the strong light and blue light. Blue light can do extreme harm to the eyes and cause blurry vision. What's more, the strong light will cause eye strain to people with photophobia. Therefore a good pair of sunglasses for people with photophobia should not only block the blue light but also the strong light. In my opinion, BluBlocker Sunglasses are good for people who are sensitive to light because they can help relieve from eye strain and photophobia.
  • Mike


    People with photophobia are very sensitive to light. The best sunglasses are Wraparound sunglasses are considered the best comfortable type to protect eyes from light, UV rays and sunlight. If you are mild photophobia, you can also try phototchromic sunglasses to shield your eyes from sun's UV rays. If you are sensitive to many light, you can try polarized sunglasses. In fact, aside from sunglasses, you can also prosthetic contact lenses if you are sensitive to light.
  • James


    There are some glasses with a particular tint especially made for photophobia. As Anderson mentioned, blocking blue is important too. Try googling Theraspecs - they make glasses for photophobia that are also wraparound.
  • eeniemeenie005


    Generally, when people are in the sun or meting the strong light, their eyes will feel uncomfortable or even be afraid of the light. This phenomenon called photophobia in the field of medicine. People often close their eyes and only leave a seam to let themselves feel good normally. But there always a lot of people use sunglasses to avoid photophobia. So what is the most appropriate sunglasses for photophobia people. Typically, the color of black sunglasses are preferred by people. But if you not only want to make yourself feel good, but also want to pursue the fashion, the colorful of the lens can be chosen. Gray, blue, brown for example. In my opinion, the gray one is the best one for its fashion and can let you feel comfortable.