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Can fish oil improve eyesight?

Can fish oil really improve your eyesight? Can fish oil really improve your eyesight? Has anyone successfully improve his eyesight by eating fish oil?
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  • Vivian


    Fish oil can improve your eyesight, and it relies mainly on vitamin A and DHA. For our retina, 30%-60%of composition is DHA, this substance is very important, and it plays a very important role for our eyes. DHA is the necessary nutritional element of eyes. It can soften the retina, and stimulate the photoreceptor cells to improve eyesight. It also a preventive effect to myopia, glaucoma, cataract. My grandfather’s eyesight is indeed improved by eating fish oil.
  • Megan W


    I can't tell if fish oil can improve eyesight, but using fish oil supplements you a better vision. As we know that fish oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids that contains OHA, an important polyunsaturated fat that forms a basic component of retinal tissue. Besides, omega-3 in fish oil can also support and protect the vision of all ages. Older people us more fish oil can help them against age related macular degeneration, or AMD.
  • Cassidy bell


    Yes. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which can help keep eyes healthy because it can help reduce inflammation caused by dry eyes. And it can help prevent other symptoms of dry eyes. What' s more, the Omega-3 in fish oil can also help prevent high eye pressure. And omega-3 found in fish oil can help prevent some eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy. Therefore fish oil are good for our eyesight.

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