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Sue Livingston


What are the causes of swollen eyes in infants?

I just noticed one of my babies' eyes is swollen. What can be the causes for it?
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  • handy82


    If you find your baby get swollen eyes, you should take him or her to see a pediatrician as soon as you notice the symptom. The pediatrician will figure out the causes of this symptom and treat your child's swollen eyes as quickly as possible in order to prevent further discomfort. Factors that can cause babies' swollen eyes may be eye infection and eye allergies. If it is caused by eye allergies, you should keep your baby away from the allergens. Good luck!
  • cook


    It is common for baby has swollen eyes infants. Infants may have swollen eyes after birth due to the pushing and pressure a baby goes through during birth. Don't worry, it will fade away after a few days. Besides, crying is the other reason that can cause swollen eyes. As we know, most of Infants cry a lot. Crying causes eyes to swell because there are large amount of blood flow through the eyes.
  • Cathy


    There are many causes which can make baby’s eyes swollen. Such as crying or drinking a plenty of water before going to bed, suffering from excessive internal heat, or having Kidney problems, of course, it may be inflamed. You’d better take your baby to see a doctor, and then suit the remedy to the case. Hope your baby get well soon!