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Sherri H


What is the difference between acetate and plastic frame glasses?

What is the difference between acetate and plastic frame glasses?
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  • Trinity


    Plastic frames are the cheapest to produce. All plastic frames are injection moulded by a machine that heats the plastic until it's molten then squirts it into a precise mould which when the plastic has cooled again, bingo you've got a frame component produced - very cheaply. Thats the good side of plastic frames. The not-so-good side is that plastic frames have a tendency (compared to the similar material acetate) to lose shape over time. Its not so easy for getting beautiful colours into the frame unless its painted on and this creates the possibility of it flaking or wearing off eventually, but hey they're cheap! Acetate is a nylon-based plastic that is strong, lightweight and flexible. It is also hypoallergenic. Acetate glasses have the largest range of transparency, rich colours and finishes as it can be produced by layering several colours or transparencies and laminating them together. Acetate eyewear is then made by combining layers of plastic into large blocks, the individual parts are then cut from it. It is hand polished and finally assembled into a complete frame.Because of the extra work involved, and also the extra colour possibilities, acetate is always used for more expensive eyewear brands. It retains its shape and colour for longer than plastic, but is more expensive.
  • Karin


    In a way, acetate is one type of plastic materials. Compared standard plastic glasses frames, acetate plastic glasses frames are more durable. Acetate frame glasses are usually light weight and has good flexibility to it. And acetate frames can be carved out of rich colored patterns on the frames. While standard plastic may be painted to get flowery patterns.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Acetate is one of the different types of plastic. But it is different from the regular plastic. Compared with regular plastic, acetate plastic glasses are more durable than regular plastic frame glasses. Besides, acetate plastic glasses are lightweight and flexible, which will make people comfortbable to wear. Moreover, acetate frames have patterns embedded to them while regular plastic just have the patterns painted on them.
  • Anna


    Actually, acetate frame glasses are one kind of plastic frame glasses. However, it is lighter than the latter one, and is not easy to break. Even it is broken, the fragment is not that shape so that the damage to the eyes and the face could reduce maximize. It could be colored easily to catch the current fashion. The light transmittance of normal glass is 90%, the acetate glass is 2% higher than that. And it has anti-fog ability to avoid foggy version on the glasses.