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Isabelle duncan


How long does it take to adjust to monovision contact lenses?

My doctor gave me a trial of monovision lenses and I have had them a little over one week. Now i can still see fuzzy in the left. Is this normal? How long does it usually take to adjust to them?
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  • Allison


    It does take time to adjust to monovision contact lenses. Monovision contact lenses are used to correct one eye for distant and the other eye for near. So many people find it difficult to get used to monovision contact lenses. Some people will wait for several weeks to adjust to monovision contact lenses. While some people can get used to monovision contact lenses a couple of months after they begin to wear monovision contact lenses.
  • greg t


    If this is your first time to wear monovision contact lenses, you may need time to adjust it. Besides. the first time you wearing the contact lenses shall not for a long time, about two hours is OK. And then, try to wear the lenses for a longer time gradually when you second time, third time... to wear them. But if you still see fuzzy with the monovision contact lenses, It is not normal. You'd better visit your doctor and ask for another contact lenses.

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