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Shelby rodney


Which contact lens should I use for Astigmatism?

I only have Astigmatism,no nearsightedness or farsightedness, I want to use the contact lenses but which one i should use? Will the normal lenses of sph -0.5 work for me?
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  • Adam


    As you have no nearsightedness or farsightedness but only Astigmatism, a toric soft contact lens would meet your demands. Lenses for Sph "-0.5" can only cottect half of your astigmatism. This is a method normally used by some doctors when toric lens is not available, but it is OK for your secend choice.
  • Danai P.


    I know that toric lenses have two powers that can used for astigmatism and myopia or hyperopia. Since you only have astigmatism, a spherical soft lens will suit you fine.

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