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Jordan owen


Do yellow glasses block blue light?

It is said that blue light can be very harmful, and my friend recommends to me that yellow glasses can block the blue light, is that true? How does that happen?
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  • steven


    Yes, yellow glasses will block blue light because of the length and distance of waves. As we know, there are many bad effects on eyes from blue light, especially for the children. Blue light can harm the infant retina. The degree of damage depends on three conditions. That is the wavelength of light, intensity and irradiation time. The length of the uv rays can damage the eyes. Although ultraviolet and infrared light are absorbed by the cornea and lens, actually they do not come into contact with the retina. So baby is one of the main group that could get damages from this light. The high-energy visible light of blue which can go through the cornea and lens and contact to the retina. It may have incalculable damage to the baby's eyes. From the camera flash light and bath bully, there will be the blue light. The damaging process is that blu-ray will accelerate the cell oxidation of macular area. Excessive exposure can damage even if visual cells in the macular area long-term exposure to blue light. Our eyes will get macular degeneration if we meet the blue light all the time with no yellow glasses. Thus, you need to protect yourself and wear the yellow glasses to help you.
  • Katelyn owen


    Well, yes, yellow glasses can be very beneficial for your eyes, for they can block 100% UV, and they can block blue light too. So they are great for driving. First, you should know that the harsh summer sun, after being filtered by the atmosphere, comes to us mostly as blue light. And according to some researches, the biggest advantage of yellow sunglasses is that they can block most of the glaring blue light spectrum. And that is just very useful. Also, yellow lens sunglasses can block 100% UV while allowing infrared and 83% of the visible light spectrum to pass through. In that way, your eyes can be protected by them from uv rays, which are very harmful for eyes. So we can say that, it is best to wear a pair of yellow lens sunglasses when you are driving.

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