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Can a stroke cause a droopy eyelid?

I hate my droopy eyelid, and they make me look older than my age. It is said that a stroke can cause this. Really? Can I do something to make up this? Pleaseeeeee!!!
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  • Christina


    Well, in my opinion, a stroke can cause a droopy eyelid in some degree. So you should be careful about it. In common, there are many causes of droopy eyelids. According to some experts, weak levator muscle, paralysis of some nerves, even injuries such as fracture of the skull bone between eye socket, stroke to eyes and nose can cause droopy eyelids. And droopy eyelid is actually ugly and can make you look unacctractive. So you can just put the teabags in the refrigerator until these become cool, and then just apply them on your eyes to have a cold compresses to treat it. Also, proper and moderate exercise including eye exercise can be effective. Some fish oil can be used too.
  • Richard M Fawcett


    Yes, your stroke will cause your droopy eyelid which is mainly caused by the aging problem. When we get older, our eyes surrounding skin will become loose and are tend to droopy. The droopy eyelid will make us look older than my age. As we know, the nerves in the whole body are interlinked. When we have the stroke problems, the throat nerves will affect the eyes nerves. That is why it causes the droopy eyelid. In order to make up this, you should drink more water, especially the tea which may have the function to release the symptom. You could keep on using the oil essentials to adopt on the eyes surrounding part and let them absorbed. Your eyes surrounding skin will become tight and moisture which will to some degree improve the droopy symptom. You could also use the tea bag to cover on the eyes to make the eyes feel better. You should have the good rest and keep the healthy diet. It is very useful. You need to remember these.