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Does high blood pressure cause macular degeneration?

   What is macular degeneration? Will I go blind coz of that? And I am guessing it is caused by my high blood pressure, am I guessing right? I really need help.
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  • Colleen


    Well, yes, high blood pressure can cause macular degeneration. First, you should know that macular degeneration referred to as AMD (age-related macular degeneration), and it is the leading cause of blindness in individuals over the age of 65. When it occurs, you may experience anything from a blurry, gray or distorted area to a blind spot in the center of vision. And generally speaking, high blood pressure may be more of a significant risk factor for developing wet age related macular degeneration according to some researches. So you should be careful about it. Also, ultraviolet light is a risk factor for macular degeneration, especially blue light which has been shown to cause damage to our retinas and is one of the causes of macular degeneration. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.
  • b0ys_r_gay


    Yes, high blood pressure will cause your macular degeneration. When your eyes become yellow at some parts, you may doubt whether you get the macular degeneration. Usually the aging problem will cause macular degeneration. That is the main pathological mechanism. When you get the macular degeneration, the retinal pigment epithelial cells in the eye outside plate membrane In the macular area structure will be changed. At the same time, it will decline ingest function which does not have digested residual corpuscle plate membrane retention in the basal cells of the original oar. Besides the aging problem, the high blood pressure, bad habits of using eyes and eyes infection could also cause it. Once you get it, you need to go to see the doctor to accept the professional treatment which will make your recovery get soon. You need to have the good rest, healthy diet and good habit of using eyes. You should not smoke or drink which will stimulate your eyes nerves.

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