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Can eye pressure go up and down?

This morning I over heard people talking about eye pressure, and they tell me that eye pressure can go up and down with several factors. Is that normal?
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  • Aimee


    Yes, it is normal for you to have the eye pressure go up and down because the eye pressure is influenced by many factors. If your mood is not stable, your eye pressure may easily be unstable. If your everyday diet is not that healthy, your eye pressure may get high. When you have great stress in life and work, your eye pressure will also be high. After you use som medicine or other things, your eye pressure will come back to the normal state. Thus, you’d better have the good rest, healthy diet and good mood to keep the stable state of eye pressure.
  • Jessica Stevenson


    Well, yes, eye pressure can just go up and down, and we can also say that is very normal. Generally speaking, in daily life, there are many factors which can just affect your eye pressure, and then lead to eye pressure fluctuation. For example, if you are working hard for a long time that can just make your eyes be stressed. In that way, your eye pressure will be high. Also, when you are exciting about something, your emotion will be high. At that moment, blood pressure and eye pressure will be high too. Also, according to some researches, if you measure your eye pressure in different time, it will be different.

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