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jeff neil


Eye color change

When pressure is applied onto the cornea wether it's from rubbing the eye a bit too hard with the knuckles or weathers its from a poke in the eye ,could the pressure force the aqueous humour onto the iris mainly on the outsides of the iris were the cornea ,aqueous humour and the iris are closer together ,could it result a change in iris color (darker or lighter discolouration)?
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  • Andrea


    Yes, the pressure force at the aqueous humor may cause the color change of iris which may change the color of eyes. Once our color of the eyes is changed, we should check out whether there is the problem at the body. Or else, it will not be changed. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check at the eyes.


    Actually, you should take corneal arcus as a consideration. Pressure in eye is thoroughly distributed evenly. Extreme pressure on the corneal can cause cloudy, even blindness in eyes. However, it is hard to lead to changing color in iris. Corneal arcus is a lipid-rich, which is associated with alcohol, blood pressure, cigarette smoking, diabetes and age. And corneal arcus can make color in iris much lighter than before.

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