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What are good eye supplements for macular degeneration?

Is macular degeneration a kind of serious disease? Are there any methods to solve this problem? Or can anybody recommend me some good eye supplements?
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  • christraper


      Well, of course, you can try some ways to treat macular degeneration. And that can be very effective. First, you should know that macular degeneration can be very dangerous, and there are many possible risk factors including genetics, age, diet, smoking and sunlight exposure can lead to it. When you get macular degeneration, a blurry, and gray may occur. What is more, blindness can happen too. To treat it, you can take more vitamins which can be helpful to macular degeneration. And you should know that especially the vitamin d can help prevent early age-related macular degeneration, and you should know that high levels of vitamin D may be able to prevent or slow the process of macular degeneration. And so you can eat more fish, such as catfish, eggs, and cod liver oil. So just have a try.


    Yes, macular degeneration is a kind of serious disease. The pathological mechanism of macular degeneration is mainly for aging problems. In the macular area structure, the retinal pigment epithelial cells in the eye outside plate membrane is changed which will decline ingest function. That is to say, it does not have digested residual corpuscle plate membrane retention in the basal cells of the original oar. What’s more, the cells of warts formed glass membrane. What’s worse, the macular degeneration will appear after secondary pathological changes. Once you get the macular degeneration, you need to take more vitamin A to improve the vision. At the same time, the food with vitamin C should also be necessary. You should take more vegetables, fruits and so on. Vitamin C will make your eyes be moisture. At the same time, I suggest you to go to see the doctor and accept the professional treatment. It will control your eye disease to some degree and make you get recovery soon.
  • AR


    Your best bet would certainly be to start supplementing with MacuHealth or MacuShield... Said product combines the THREE VITAL carotenoids in slowing AMD.. It has the 3rd carotenoid, meso-zeaxanthin, and I don't believe that other products have it. My Grandfather takes it because it's been proven to improve visual acuity in just 6 months. You can also get doses of meso-z and zeaxanthin through shrimp, spinach and eggs. Good luck, friend!

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