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Does eye pressure fluctuate?

I seem to have eye pressure these days and I am told that eye pressure can fluctuate, really? What can I do to prevent this from happening?
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  • Debbie Morton


    Yes, eye pressure fluctuates which could be calmed down with your happy mood and your good rest for the eyes. The eye pressure will be influenced by many conditions, like the tiredness, pressure in life or work, eyes other problems mechanically and so on. If you want to prevent the fluctuate eye pressure from happening, you’d better do the following tips. First of all, you need to have the good rest for the eyes. Even if you have to work in front of the computer, you need to have the rest after 40 minutes of working. Then you need to have the healthy diet to keep your eyes get moisture an healthy. You should eat more food with vitamin C, like kiwi, hawthorn, grapefruit, strawberries, oranges, lemons and so on. You could also take some vitamin A to improve your night vision. Next, you need to keep the good mood, not get angry or excited easily. Last of all, you need to keep the good habit of hygiene which will make your eyes be far away from the invisible bacterium. If you follow all the above ones, your fluctuate eye pressure may be avoided to some degree.
  • Katelyn owen


    Well, in my opinion, eye pressure can fluctuate in many cases. And that is because there are many factors in daily life, which can just affect our eye pressure, leading to eye pressure fluctuation. For example, drinking lots of fluids (in large quantities) can increase the eye pressure and that may have contributed to your high pressure. And you should know that the eye pressure also varies and fluctuates some throughout the day so if you were checked at different times of the day it can also alter your eye pressure. So we can say it is kind of normal to have eye pressure fluctuation.
  • ken


    what cause eye pressure to fluciate