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How to find the size I need for colored contacts?

I want to get colored contacts but I don't know what size I need. I have good eye sight and don't need vision correction.Should I still get an eye exam?
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  • adams


    You may have your eyes examined to get your BC number (base curves) which will help determine how the lens fits and the size of contact to fit your eyes.
  • b0wfing3r


    You should contact your optometrist and have an eye exam to determine which size would fit your eyes properly. Besides size, having an eye exam can also know whether your eyes are healthy to wear contacts. When you go to your doctor, he will teach you how to put them in, take them out, clean them and take care of them. So it is necessary to go to the eye doctor to have an eye exam before you get colored contacts.
  • camzron


    It is the base curves that determine what size you need for contacts,so you need an eye exam.Your eyes are so important,if you get an improper fit,you may get eye infection or poor corneal nutrition.