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Brandon cook


Why i got bloodshot eyes after shower?

I had very bloodshot eyes for several minutes after taking a shower. I am worrying about it. What cause such bloodshot eyes?
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  • Luke oliver


    There may be two reasons: First, the water temperature is higher than the temperature of your skin when you have a shower, it can increase the blood which is allocated to the surface of the skin. It can not only make you get bloodshot eyes, but also make your skin bloodshot. Second, all kinds of shampoo, cleansing products can give a physical stimulation to your eyes, which can cause inflammatory reactions. You can use some topical antibiotic eye drops or ointment according to the severity of the symptoms. But hypertension, cerebral thrombosis can also make you have bloodshot eyes, so for safety's sake, you can go to the hospital to have a careful examination. Hope these suggestions can help you.
  • Randa Fritch


    This is probably because you take a shower when the water is lukewarm or overheating. Because they all may lead to your eyes' capillaries expansion congestion, that is to say, they can make whites part of the eyes bloodshot look red. Still there may be another kind of situation that you are suffering from excessive internal heat which will cause eyes red and swollen.
  • Healthpulls


    Bloodshot Eyes after Shower: Symptoms
  • hall


    Hello and thanks for your question, what kind of soap or shampoo are you using on your face or hair? Allergies can develop anytime, irritation, infection, and trauma also can got bloodshot eyes, in addition, getting a lot of water in your eyes can make them bloodshot, especially if there is a lot of chlorine in your water, if persists, see your doctor.
  • everybody_cares


    It is normal. I also have such experience. As we know, we usually use warm water when takiing shower, which make the bathroom higher temperature than other rooms. And the blood vessels in your eyes dilate from the heat. So, you can see blood shot eyes. Don't worry, it will get recovery after a while and you can also put on cold compresses.
  • Caitlin owen


    The blood vessels in your eyes dilate from the heat. You can put on cold compresses. Or your eyes was irritated by the shampoo you used to shower. In this way, you need to use the tap water to rinse your eyes several times until you feel better.