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Jade scott


Can I wear sunglasses at night?

If I can see things clearly when wearing sunglasses at night?
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  • Jada


    You can wear sunglasses at night even it is hard to look clear at night. These following are 5 reasons for you to wear sunglasses at night. 1)Most people wear them to look cool and nonchalant; 2) Some of them wear to hide the emotions in your eyes; 3) to intimidate and to play a trick on someone 4) for health reasons; 5) to hide from paparazzi, especially for stars and celebrities.
  • eomer_byrom


    Wearing sunglasses at night will not make you see so clearly, so you'd better not wear sunglasses at night. Some people wearing sunglasses at night usually have special reasons. They may want to look cool or don't want others to look into their eyes.
  • Andrea warren


    I think you can wear your sunglasses at night. There are several reasons. In the first place, different people have different habits of wearing their sunglasses. You can definitely have your own right to do so. Secondly, if you think you really need to or you'd like to wear sunglasses at night for some personal reasons and you would not bother any other person, then I think its quite fine for you to do so. At last, I suggest you to be careful with yourself if you are wearing a pair of sunglasses at night, for it's really dark at night and your vision will be influenced.