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Is LASIK safe?

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  • Caitlin lee


    The first Lasik was done in 1989. Today it is considered to be an established medical procedure with much research to back its efficacy, stability and safety. Millions of cases have been done so far and over a million cases are done around the world every year. In experienced hands and using good equipment, it has a low major complications rate of less than 2%. Lasik is now widely considered by most refractive surgeons around the world as the overall procedure of choice for permanent surgical correction of myopia. Safety is in fact the main reason for choosing the Lasik procedure over others.
  • enigma_g


    Yes. LASIK is one of the safest medical procedures in the world. The screening process for patients is extensive and LASIK technology is state-of-the-art.Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK, however, and we never proceed unless a patient is 100 percent suitable. If you’re not an appropriate candidate, we’ll happily work with you to find a different option that does suit you and your vision goals, whatever they may be.