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Jocelyn griffin


How should we proceed to tighten my wooden sunglasses frames?

my husband and i got two identical wooden sunglasses frames , and we'd like to screw the lenses between them, in order to tighten them. Is this possible and if so, how should we proceed?
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  • Geoff


    If I understand correctly, you want to join the two wooden pieces with the lens between them. You can do like this: Glue them together, so you will need no screws. This will not temper with wood and look natural. The glue you will use must be strong, but gentle with the wood.
  • cutechaldochick


    In my opinion, there has a method just for you: Put the lens and frame in the right position together (as you finally want them to look) and then make holes thru all of it, and then put in the screws. I think it will not be an opportune idea to put in the screws without drilling the holes first because the wood may crack. Maybe is more appealing to use rivets, not screws, depends how you want them to look.