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Can my vision be worse after Lasik?

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  • emptybot


    Yes. This complication is also known as loss of best corrected visual acuity. It means that you are not able to see as well after surgery as you did before surgery, even with the best spectacles or contact lens correction given. It most commonly arises from cornea related problems such as corneal haze or scarring, decentred or uneven laser ablation and cornea flap complications. Fortunately, the likelihood of this happening is less than two per cent and there is a fair chance of further vision improvement with time. Loss of best corrected vision occurs is usually limited to difficulty in seeing clearly the bottom few lines of the visual acuity chart.
  • Trinity hill


    Lasik improves your vision usually to 20/20 or better than perfect vision. However in some people your vision could go to 20/40 etc to wear you occasionally need to wear glasses still (like for driving or watch tv or reading something far away). I had lasiks and now my vision is 20/15 with both eyes open which is better than perfect. It was worth it. Eventually the eyes can get worse again but at TLC they will redo it for free if it regresses.