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DEREK Garrana


How to wear varifocal glasses properly?

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  • Cassidy campbell


    You should learn to wear your varifocal glasses properly. If you don't, not only will you extend the time of your adjustment period, but you may also exacerbate the degree of your eye impairment. When you put on your varifocals, place them as high as possible on your nose. They should be placed as near to your face as possible. When you practice and look at various objects, you'll get the best visual results when these objects are directly in front of you. Keep practising with different objects and different distances, while trying to learn to face directly towards each object.
  • exotic_scents


    The first priority is a personal consultation with an optician. As every person is an individual, his or her eyes and viewing behaviour are also unique. As a result, a qualified optician will do an exact eye care analysis. For example, he will ask, about your job and hobbies, in order to get an idea of your viewing habits. Your posture and the shape of your head are also taken in consideration during the consultation.Precise vision testing plays a special role in making progressive lenses work perfectly. Not only are both eyes individually measured, binocular vision is also tested to determine the necessary lens power. Only by doing this can the suitable reading and distance powers be determined.Precise fitting measurements are also necessary. The center of the pupil must be aligned to the center of the spectacle lens in order for the lens to work properly. For more sophisticated progressive lenses, additional measurements may be needed.