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Is a sunglasses frame suitable for use with varifocals?

I live in Spain, where frames and lenses are very expensive. I have seen frames online and thought I would purchase a cheaper frame and then have the lenses fitted here.What specifications should I look for in the frame for progressive glasses?
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  • Marissa george


    I will start by telling you that the sunglasses frames are suitable for use with varifocals but ususally this kind of frames are harder, rough and is more difficult for the optician to mount the lenses in this kind of frames. So, if you want to use sunglasses frames for your progressive glasses, you should ask your optician if he or she will mount the varifocal lenses in them.  It can be a hard work and not every optician will make it. If the answer is no, then look for a standard prescription eyeglass frame that looks like your frame.
  • etilnus


    First of all see if the frame will suit your face. For this take a frame that you already have and read the specifications on the temple, and be sure to use them when ordering a new frame. This way, you are sure that the size of the new frame will be ok for you. About the height of the frame, you should know that there are two types of varifocal lenses: normal and narrow lenses as explained here.If you want a small frame, you can choose the narrow lenses for it, but I must tell you that the adaptation will be a little harder with this kind of lenses, and sometimes these lenses are more expensive because the way they are made.