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Can I use old lenses from to fit my new frame?

I just broke my glasses frame but the lenses are good. Can I get a new frame and put the old lenses in it?
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  • walkingthepaths


    Probably, you can do it like this, but you should carefully choose the frame that can fit your lenses well. The frame only holds the lenses and the lens is mounted in such a way that the centering is exact to your iris.Otherwise, the lenses may pop out or give you an unclear vision. It is much easier for you to get another new pair of glasses.
  • James


    Sure. Take your old glasses including the frame to an optician and let them measure your lenses. The optometrist will help you choose several pairs of frames that match the size and shape of your old lenses. Then they will fit your old lenses into each of the new frames to determine which one will fit safely.
  • enycelilmamii


    No, you cannt do this. The lenses may be easily broken and hardly fit your frames, and hardly fitted to the vision center. Buy a new pair online especially from Firmoo is much easier and cheaper than that of local optical stores. Visit at