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How to wear glasses with long hair?

I have long hair. And i need eyeglasses. Can you give me some idea on wearing glasses with long hair so as to look good?
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  • A.L


    It is true that sometimes glasses could affect our looks so we must make some changes. Here I would like to recommend you leave a short bob or try to put your hair like a ball, which could make you appear very gorgeous and amazing, while protecting you from losing your beautiful hair, what a choice right? Also, try to get some cat eye glasses which are designed for ladies.
  • walkinawayfromu


    You just let your long hair down at the back. In addition, you wear the eyeglasses to match with the long hair. It is so feminine which will not look nerd. You could also use some hair accessories to make your look seem good. In order to make you look spiritual, you could tie the hair up and then wear the eyeglasses.
  • Weekly


    Glasses don't put people into specific categories; there are different types of glasses that can suit everyone's hair and face. You just need to try some on, and eventually, you'll find the ones you like.