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When can i return to work after corneal transplant?

I just took a corneal transplant. And my doctor told me that i should get a good rest in those days. Now, it is three days ago, Can i return to work? Or when can i return to work?
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  • Patricia


    Well, generally speaking, it will take about 3 months for your eyes to recover. And then, in this period, you should have a test so that your eyes will be fine. So you should not return to work in the first 3 months. To speed up the recovery, there are many things you need do. For example, you are supposed to watch tv or computer frequently. And eye infection should be paid more attention too, for it will just make your situation more serious. According to some experts, heavy exercise, driving, swimming should be avoided too. Anyway, to return to work, you should just take care of your eyes.
  • cdale


    After the corneal transplant, you'd better have the good rest during those days. You should not use the eyes in front of the computers which will cause the bad situation of your eyes recovery. You'd better wait about three months and then you could return to work. Although you may say that you could get the basic recovery after a month, you need to still care about the eyes.
  • walkinalone


    With diseased or damaged cornea, people might lose vision for ever. Corneal transplantation surgery will replace the damaged or diseased cornea by a donated one in entirety or in part. The recovery period would be rather long. Normally people can go back to work or school 3-7 days after the surgery depending on the surgery complexity. I am not sure how complicated your surgery is, but I think it is better for you to have a longer rest at home. You can't drive until your doctor confirmed, because your vision might be blurry for 3-6 months. You should protect your eyes carefully, wearing sunglasses in day time and protective shield in night. You need to avoid any weight lifting or any other strenuous exercises for the first six weeks. Sutures might stay for 3-17months, depending on the heal rate you have. The better care you provide for your eyes, the sooner you could heal up. Anyway, rejection is a big problem for corneal transplantation. If you failed the first time, then it is even harder to make it succeed the second time. But the rejection could be prevented by steroid treatment if you find out the symptom early, including sensitivity to light, redness, decreased vision and discomfort.

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